10 Days’ left!

April 15, 2007

Okay okay, I’m lame I know. I haven’t update this blog for about 1 1/2 months now and I’m nearly going home. Most of you have probably stopped checking it for updates! It’s basically because a mix of being too busy and not having much to write in it. Nah that’s a lie, I’m just lazy!

Well I’ll try and fill you in on what’s happened in the last couple of months. Yan and Ant came from England for 10 days in March which was awesome. They were staying right in the centre of the village so I basically moved in with them for that time. It was just more convenient. We had some pretty good snow whilst they were here, but it also rained for a couple of days which was crap. I’ll post up some photos.

There was a period of about a week where it rained constantly. It was crap. It rained constantly, everyday I would wake up look out of the window and it would be raining. Didn’t ski for that week, but then when it finally cleared it was amazing. The sun came out and it got really warm and everyone got sun tans! Lovely.

Went to Vancouver to the city for easter weekend with Laura. We spent most of our time with Kara and her family. They’re all really nice. Here parent’s are seperated but live really close to each other so we went to her Dad’s place for brunch and then to her Mum’s place for dinner. Then we met up with Ryan on Monday and went for some Korean food which was really good. It was nice to get out of Whistler for a while, it’s a very strange place that can become quite claustrophobic if you spend too much time here.

Hmmm, what else. It’s amazing how much snow there still is in the middle of April here. There’s still over 3 metres of base. The season is apparently going to go on until June 3rd. It snowed loads two days ago, and there was fresh powder everywhere yesterday. It was probably one of my best days skiing. Hiked up this massive part of the mountain called ‘Flute Bowl’ where not so many people go cause it’s too much work, but then you get to ski down this completely untracked bowl of fresh powder. It was awesome.

Okay, I’m gonna post as many photos up here as I can:

Yan and Karen Ant on the chair lift Everyone at Glacier Creek

Simon on the Whistler Gondola On the Bus Kicker time Johanne doing a backflip Simon in the snow Whistler mountain

Spanky’s ladder Me image_7.jpg Dallas and Andy on powder day April 13th, loads of snow! Snow everywhere


2 Weeks Gone

February 18, 2007

Okay I’ve been here for more than 2 weeks now. Time is going really fast now which isn’t necessarily a good thing. It’s been quite a while since my last post, basically because I’ve been lazy! Sorry bout that.

Well the last week or so I’ve done a fair bit, spent loads of money and got crapper at skiing. Basically I’ve had to buy new ski boots because my ones are two sizes too big for me because the foam liner inside the boot shrinks over time, so eventhough they were the right size when I bought them, they aren’t anymore. So now I’ve spent loads of money and have boots that are insanely uncomfortable and feel extremely small! This is supposed to pass after a couple of weeks though.

My skiing has gotten so crap recently. Because my old ski boots were too big for me I’ve been using my shin muscles alot (didn’t even realise I had muscles here, apparently I do) which have now started to hurt and is a now a kind of tendonitis. The only thing I can do to fix it is rest. Bugger that, I’m still trying to ski but unfortunately not very well. It’s slowly getting better though.

It was Valentines Day last Wednesday just incase some of you hadn’t realised. Me and Laura went into Vancouver for a night and a day and got a hotel room. It was seriously nice. We got it cheap because I booked it through the English expedia and so was cheaper than booking it through the Canadian one for some reason. We got the executive suite for only £50! What a bargain! It should have cost closer to £200. It had a living room and a seperate bedroom, how posh is that? I’ll post pictures of it….just to gloat! We had a nice time in Vancouver, though there’s not that much to do there. The view from the harbours is nice though, it’s right on the coast and you can see all the coastal mountains from the shore and then you turn around and you can see the skyscrapers of the city. We basically just hung out in the hotel room and the complementary spa and then went for a nice seafood dinner which was delicious. It was a bit strange though because they’d crammed loads of tables together for Valentines Day so we were sitting really close to all the other couples, it was like speed dating or something.

Yo Jake, haven’t been able to make any videos of the skiing yet but I’ll get round to it soon I promise. When the conditions are right and my skiing it better, don’t wanna fall over and smash my face whilst I’m filming!

O yeh, Yan and Ant are coming out at the start of March. They’ve booked their flights and everything. It’s gonna be awesome. Yan is gonna love it here. All the food is basically TGI’s but way cheaper.

Loads of snow!

pow pow

Plush bedroom

The living room

Laura’s head

A Lazy Day

February 6, 2007

Okay today is my first day that I’m not going skiing. I went up the slopes all day yesterday but it was pretty icey and skiing wasn’t the greatest so I’ve decided to have a day off. It’s supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow so hopefully it will be a good day tomorrow. Met up and went skiing with Laura. She’s got way better since the last time we went. She was really confident. We skied around all day and had a nice time! Ha, people that aren’t really interested in skiing will find my blog really boring. All I talk about is the snow conditions.

Anyway, met the last of my house mates last night. The last two guys have been in Vancouver for the last two weeks doing some first aid course and only just got back. They’re both skiers, which means I’m not the only skier here anymore! One of the guys has offered to go and buy all my food and cook me all my meals if I pay him $100 a week, pretty good deal! He basically collects $100 (£45) off each person and then goes to the  shops and get all the food and cooks all the meals. What a nice guy! Okay, here are a few photos I took yesterday.


Nice View

Top of Symphony

The First Day

February 4, 2007

Okay, went up the mountain for my first ski today. It started snowing just as we left the chalet which was good timing. Only went up Blackcomb today so I’ll give Whistler a try tomorrow. It is a pretty massive place, nothing like the Alps. My housemates all seem really chilled out and friendly. Went skiing with a group of lads today who are here on this instructor course. We we’re all pretty much the same level so that was good. Did find out how unfit I am at the moment, only did about 3 hours skiing today and I’m knackered. I’m hoping whithin a couple of weeks my fitness will be much better.

Yan and Ant, this place is made for boarding so get your acts together and book something! The sooner the better. Unfortunately there are no sexy ladies in my chalet for you to get some lovin with but I’m sure we could find you something to oogle at in Whistler Village. Here are a couple of photos.

Bus Stop


The First Post

February 2, 2007

And here we are. The first entry into my blog! Woo hoo! Okay, I’m off to Canada tomorrow, well Whistler to be exact, to ski. How awesome is that? So I’m hoping to make this blog thing a regular occurance and keep all friends and close people out there updated on what I’m upto and how things are going! Happy reading! Here’s a picture to get you all started. I’ll try and post as many pictures as possible cause everyone likes a good photo.